Why Metal Roofing Is Becoming So Popular

19January 2021

Metal roofing is long lasting, lightweight, very attractive plus it is resistant to hail as well as fire (metal just doesn’t burn) and it’s those very qualities that are making metal a top choice as a roofing system n residential and commercial projects.

First of all, there are limitless choices. Steel roofs are available in hundreds of designs, from conventional profiles like standing seam to modular panels that can look like slate, tile, as well as asphalt roof shingles.

The popularity of metal roofs is expanding because of a broadening series of designs available as well as a longer life span. Metal roofing has a lengthy history in the United States, however until 20 years ago it was hardly used  in household construction, with just a 3.6% share of the reroofing market. That number has roughly quadrupled since then, according to a market profession team.

How Metal Roofing Is Being Marketed

What took place? Metal roofing contractors are currently offering metal roofs in a variety of styles– from standing seam to a selection of stamped metal tiles that appear like slate, clay floor tile, as well as even asphalt. Paint as well as stone coatings are more advanced and also durable, giving metal roof covering a lengthy service life while providing home owners with a variety of aesthetic preferences.

The industry is likewise working harder to gain consumers who assumed that metal roofing was too hot, heavy, noisy, or susceptible to corrosion. But because metal roofs are made with different components and have longevity over traditional asphalt shingles the minds of consumer are changing. However, metal roofs may never catch up to asphalt in the popularity arena simply as a result of sticker label shock. A standing-seam or metal-tile roofing can be 2 or 3 x the initial expense of asphalt.  But when you weigh in the fact that it can last a lifetime (if well maintained) then it becomes much more viable and appealing to homeowners who have the means to purchase a metal roof.

Stone-coated Shingle Panels

Stone-coated roof shingles panels have a layer of granules on top of the pressed-steel panels that help them stand up to sunlight, hailstorm, and it makes them even more fire resistant.

Selection of Different Types of Metal For Your Roof

Steel and aluminum are both the most common and also the very least costly metals used for residential roofing. Steel’s weak point is its possibility for rust which can be aesthetically disastrous.  One means to avoid having serious rust issues is to galvanize the steel by coating it with a layer of zinc prior to painting it. The quantity of zinc is crucial.  Galvalume is well widely regarded as a far better, alternative. In this process, bare steel is covered with an alloy of zinc and light- weight aluminum (generically, this coating is referred to as an AL-Zn alloy) prior to its repainting or clear-coating.

One thing to note about some metal roofing systems like Snap-Lock Standing-Seam Steel Roof Systems is that they are fairly easy to install.  In most cases the panels go together without the need for any specialty tools or specially trained metal roofing contractors.